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Xena's Bulltique came about because of our love for our fur-babies especially the crazy funny Bull Terrier.

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I will try to make Angel & Xena's story as short as possible. I only wish every person and animal on the planet had the same kind loving nature that this amazing breed has, the world would be a truly amazing place if this were true.

On 29th March 2021, we had to say our final goodbyes to our fur baby Angel when I had to make that awful decision, (the one we all dread) and to ensure I gave her the greatest gift I could for her at the end, although I had been hoping she would just pass away whilst asleep in my arms. We owed her to make the decision to put her to sleep and when I looked in Angels eyes for the last time, I could see she was ready to go, and my lovely vet was there by our side, as the girls at the vets adored her so much, and there quietly, Angel looked up at me as I held her, and she just drifted off to her final sleep. Her loss totally broke me in ways I didn’t think possible. The gaping hole she left us with could never be filled.                                                     

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In April, family could see I was really struggling to cope without Angel and suggested contacting a bull terrier rescue. I was told by many it could be months, even a year or so, before I would be offered to adopt/rescue another bully. So, on the 14th of  April, I filled out an adoption form with Adopt a Bull Terrier Rescue Charity. In my application I explained all about Angel and the impact she had on many lives.

Angel gave me so much joy in my life from the day she was born. Some of her ashes are being stored and prepared to be grown into a diamond, which at a later date will be inset into the clasp of a necklace so Angel's final place will always be by my heart.

Angel (13th May 2006 to 29th March 2021)


Well a few days after making the application a lovely lady from Adopt a Bull Terrier Rescue Charity, Andrea contacted me to arrange a home check. The home check took about an hour, the other 3 hours we spent talking about all our bullies, past and present LOL! I was told it could be a while before I hear from them, but Andrea did tell me about a female bull terrier named Banksie who was being looked after by a foster family that lived north of Birmingham. They were waiting until the right person could be found to ensure Banksie went to her forever home. 

Well, a further few days went past and from there a group message came through on my Facebook messenger from the girls at Adopt a Bull Terrier Rescue. Here it was, the question, "would I like to be Banksie’s new mum?". With no hesitation I said yes before I had even asked Andy LOL!A person holding a dog  Description automatically generated

Looking on the AABT Facebook page, I could see hundreds of people were really interested in this lovely little girl, and I was completely blown away I was chosen for her.

I felt like I had just won the lottery jackpot (that’s how much it meant to me!)

So, on 10th May, Andy and I set off on the long journey to pick up our new fur baby. This almost went completely wrong as we were travelling on the m40, when Andy’s jeep started making a very loud knocking sound. We managed to crawl to one of the electric buildings you see along motorways, to get well off the road. The drive shaft had broken. After an hour, Andy had managed to get the drive shaft off, so we could continue our journey albeit in 2 Wheel drive.

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I cannot thank AABT enough, as what they didn’t know or realise at the time is that although they were rescuing/rehoming a bull terrier, they were also rescuing me as well as little Banksie (her new name I had decided on would be Xena, as in the warrior princess tv series from the 90’s).

Xena will never replace the hole in my heart where Angel lays, but she has carved out her own place in my heart that no one else could fill. I love this little girl so much so we decided that Xena should be front and centre the main star of this little shop along with our support for AABT.


NB: Very important to note that Xena had never been neglected or mistreated in anyway  by her previous owner. She had been part of the Badlesmere kennel. Juliet always wants the best retirement homes for her girls after breeding and so AABT always make sure they find the best 5* homes for Juliet. We just happen to be one of many.




Also, if your bully is one of Xena's babies or related to Xena in any other way, then we would love to hear from you to see how her babies/relations are doing.  Xena's kennel name is Badlesmere Banknote. So, please feel free to message us.

Lots of Love

Karen, Andy and Xena (warrior princess) Adsett


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